• I absolutely love the design of this phone. All premium feel that can finally stand up by itself. The curve glass in previous models were impressive but now, with a flat/rounded design, this allows the screen’s borders to be reduced (creating another leap into a future Bezel-less screen).
• It’s also built very solid. Because of the square design, the grip on this is fantastic. This is the first time since the iPhone 4 I can feel a little more at an ease of not getting a case for it (But still do!..More on this later).
• The matte back texture leaves no fingerprints whatsoever.
• The biggest selling point for me is the cameras. There are hundreds of reviews on the camera quality and honestly, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let me just say that these cameras excellent (Some info below).


This game brings the old mechanics back from the games of the “prime years of assassins creed” and puts it into an open world with good stealth. No more gameplay that feels arcade-like. This game is everything assassin’s creed is supposed to be…and that’s coming from someone who loved origins and odyssey and I have the platinum on the odyssey.


Exactly with the needs of PS5. If you have a replacement controller, this is by far the best way to keep both of your controllers fully played. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I have to say that it’s reliable, it’s fast, and it resembles the PS5’s design scheme. I am more than satisfied! So convenient, amazing not having to worry about loading a controller, one dies, throw it away and grab the other!

Nathan Williams

I received mine early right after the game was delivered. It came on a sunday before the 24th of July which was great. The setup is rasy using an ethernet. Wish it came with a setup manual but thats okay. It plays just fine.


I love it (i hope everyone gets a console soon)